Our Business

Textile Machinery

It is said that three factor for the necessities of life is
"clothing", "food" & "shelter".
We, Marubeni Tekmatex Corporation, Textile Machinery Group has been
supporting and contributing to the development of textile industry.
Our efficient sales staffs who know well about the latest situation in details of main textile production markets such as China, South East/ South West Asia, Mid-East, Europe, Africa, USA, South America shall introduce most appropriate equipment / machinery according to the customers’ required production item & quality.


[Spinning Machinery]

Spinning Machine which proceed raw material of cotton, polyester etc. to the yarn.
We have a lot of supply record of Toyota Roving Frame, Ring Spinning Frame and Murata Automatic Winder and all other machines that are required in spinning process.


Blow Room, Carding Machine, Draw Frame, Combing Machine (Ribbon Lap, Sliver Lap machine), Roving Frame, Ring Spinning Frame, Automatic Winder, etc.

[Weaving Machinery]

Fabric, woven by warp & weft.
To produce it, weaving machine is necessary such as Air Jet Loom, Water Jet Loom and Warp Preparatory machine. Internationally well reputed Japan made Machine are our supplying items.
These machines which have daily development in quality and new devices are our main line of business in every market for long with plenty of sales record.


Warping Machine, Sizing Machine, Weaving Loom, Dobby and Jacquard Machine

[Dyeing and Finishing Machinery]

Dyeing & Finishing is the final process for fabric making. The products of Sando, Hisaka and other Japanese maker are well evaluated for its quality and sales record.
It is also possible to introduce European / Asian machine depending on customer's requirements.


Singeing, Desizing, Scouring and Bleaching Machine. Dyeing Machine. Printing Machine. Stenter. Weight Reduction Machine.

[Knitting Machinery]

Knitted Fabric is equally important for us as well as woven fabric.
Circular Knitting Machine and Dyeing & Finishing machine are our main supply and we can introduce most suitable machine locally or foreign made.


Circular Knitting Machine, etc.

[Synthetic Fiber Machinery]

TMT's synthetic fiber machines are required for synthetic yarn processing such as polyester, nylon yarn. We have a lot of sales record in China.


Draw Twister, Twisting Machine, Texturizing Machine, Winding Machine.

Customer's Voice

BEXIMCO Group Chairman
A.S.F. Rahman

We, BEXIMCO Group, have been working with Marubeni Corporation as well as Marubeni Tekmatex Corporation since 1970’s.

Commencing our business relation with Jute yarn business with Marubeni Corporation, we established one of the largest integrated textile factory in Bangladesh comprising of Toyota spinning machines, Murata auto winders, Toyota Air Jet looms and other Europe 1st class finishing machines under strong cooperation of Marubeni Tekmatex.
Even after that we continue to buy machines from Marubeni Tekmatex with full satisfaction.

We do appreciate very professional ways of Marubeni Tekmatex such as their efficient / active world wide network and various fields of business not simply limited to textile machinery supply which means depending on necessity they can coordinate technical assistance as well as products lifting.

We would recommend all the textile producers to contact with Marubeni Tekmatex Corporation when they plan to produce best textile products.