Our Business

Industrial Machinery

We supply sheet making and converting machinery such as for film, industrial textile fabric,
non-woven fabric, copper foil. Smart phone is the accumulation of modern technology utilizing high functional films,
lithium ion battery, printed circuit boards.
Diversifying our business field to carbon, glass composites, we will introduce high value-added, high productive,
save-energy equipment to the customers.


[Film Making and Converting Machinery]

We supply film making machinery not only for conventional PET, PA, PP packaging film, but also for TAC, PVA, EVA, PE, PC high functional and high value-added films used for liquid crystal display, mobile phone, lithium ion battery. Such machinery includes casting, stretching, coating, slitting, winding equipment.
The industry requires highly sophisticated machinery” made in Japan” to produce extremely thin film in clean atmosphere.


Casting, Stretching Machine
Wet Coating Machine
Sputtering or CVD (Dry Coating) Machine
Slitter and winder



[Machinery for Printed Circuit Board Materials]

We offer various kinds of machinery related to printed circuit board both for rigid type (paper/phenol, glass/epoxy with copper foil) and for flexible type (PI resin with copper foil). Winding, weaving machine for glass yarn and copper foil making machinery are also our supply scope.


Copper foil making machinery,
Laminator, coater and curing oven for flexible type (FCCL)
Impregnating, lay-up, press machine for rigid type (CCL)
Winder for glass yarn, weaving machine for glass

[Non-woven fabric machinery]

Non-woven fabric is used in various field such as garment, hygiene, medical, construction, interior material for automobile, and is growing steadily in the world. As customers often require machinery with reasonable price, we are able to introduce such machinery from Korea, Taiwan and China.


Carding machine, Layer, Needle punching machine, finishing machines

[Other Industrial Machinery]

Fabric and yarn are used not only for garment but also for industrial field.
We have established the system to procure Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese machines and assemble them into one line under Japanese supervision and guarantee, so that the line has its maximum cost performance.


Scouring and Coating line for air bag, Dipping line for tire cord
Any kind of wet + dry process for fabric

[Carbon Fiber Making and Processing Machinery]

Carbon fiber has 9 times higher strength with 1/4 lighter weight than iron.
The demand is increasing for aerospace and automobile industries, and its forming technology is evolving day by day. Catching up with such technology, we can supply the most up-to-date machinery for carbon industry.


NCF Multi Axial Layer, Prepreg Layer, Forming Machine, Loom, Slitter, UD Coater, Prepreg Machine, Winder, Creel, CCM (Continuous Compressed Molding) Machine

[Carbon Composite]

Carbon fiber has outstanding characteristics not only for light weight, but also for short time damping, no thermal expansion etc. so that machine manufacturers are going to apply carbon composite to their machine parts. We offer these carbon composites made in Germany, where is the most advanced country in this field.


Carbon Roll for film, paper, printing industries
Carbon Driving Shaft
Carbon Parts for machinery