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Project Summary

The Republic of Angola (Angola) is a country placed on the south-western side of Africa. In 2007, through Marubeni Corporation, we received a request from Ministry of Industry, Angola if we are able to rehabilitate 3 state-owned textile factories, which have stopped operation due to long devastating civil war.

After site investigations and by maximizing our expertise and know-how in textile plant projects, we have proposed a rehabilitation plan, which will be equipped with the state-of-art textile machines and contains ideas to realize local needs such as employment opportunities and energy-saving.

Marubeni has been awarded 3 contracts to rehabilitate factory in Luanda (Phase-I) in 2010, Benguela (Phase-II) in 2011 and Dondo (Phase-III) in 2012 respectively. With Marubeni, we are fully responsible for the procurement of textile and utility machines from approximately 40 partners, installation and training of local employees.

Product Mix and Quantity

Factory Product Mix Annual Production
Fabrics for uniform 9 mil meters
Bed Sheets
Terry Towel
Cotton Blanket
1.8 mil pcs
12 mil pcs
120K pcs
Fabrics for denim
2 mil pcs
2 mil pcs
6 mil meters

Project Overview